Moroccan Telecommunications win Two Diamond Awards by Pan-African Leaders of Development

Published By : 10 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Maroc Telcom, one of the leading Moroccan telecommunication operators in the country has been awarded with Diamong Awards in two categories by the Pan-African Leaders of Development 2015. The event was organized by Nouv Afrique on Friday. The venue for the event was Rabat. 

The first award the operator won was titled, “Super Diamond Award for Best Promoter of Telecom Sector in Africa”. Abdesalam Ahizoune, Executive President, Maroc Telecom, received the award on the behalf of the company. According to a recently issued statement by the company, Abdesalam Ahizoune was successful in exporting the Moroccan business model across several countries in Africa, thereby realizing the South-South cooperation model as initiated by his Majesty King Mohammed VI. 

The company received its second award in the category of Best Promoter of Telecommunications in Africa. This is a prestigious recognition for the company that is also expected to boost its brand image significantly. 

With these awards Maroc Telecoms is officially announced as the market leader in the African telecommunications industry. 

The Pan-African Leaders of Development Awards, 2015, was started with the aim of recognizing and appreciating the companies and executives, who achieved marvelous quality in their respective field of work and played a crucial role in the overall economic development of Africa. 

Keeping up with its stride to success, the Maroc Telecoms acquired many subsidiaries of Etisalat in Benin last week, the most notable among which were located across Gabon, the Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, the Niger, and Togo.

The acquisitions by Maroc Telecom also involve Prestige Telecom. The company provides information technology services in the countries mentioned above on the behalf of Etisalat subsidiaries. At present Maroc Telecom has its operation in 10 countries across Africa. 
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