Mombasa Coast Hotels Restored Back on the Map

Published By : 15 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The new theme of the Mombasa Hotel Show at the inaugural is “Getting Back on Track.” The inaugural is due to take place at Wildwaters, Nyali Mombasa within a month’s time. 

Mombasa country government has offered investment support for the event that will demonstrate the latest equipment for hotels and restaurants. The key to the survival of several resorts is to reduce the costs under present circumstances that also have energy savings high on agenda.  

The Slujan Events Managing Director, Steven Owuor encountered many stakeholders at the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) last week. He also attended the Magical Kenya Travel Expo and the Sarova Stanley Hotel’s regional trade workshop during his visit. 

The director was very clear in the message he passed to the trade and said the Mombasa Hotel Show is for sheer hotel and restaurant businesses. It meets a broad range of suppliers of services with its latest technology items which are mostly imported or manufactured in Kenya. The hotel showcases a broad overview to the hoteliers and restaurant owners of the happenings available today in this industry.   

With this event in Mombasa things will get easier for people to attend and appreciate the overall business. Exhibitors who plan to visit will showcase various aspects such as, operating supplies and equipment, interior designs, lighting, technology, banqueting essentials, kitchen equipment, and other facility management technologies. 

The event will also acquit a range of suppliers of seafood, dairy producers, cheese, gourmet food items, as well as importers and manufacturers of juices, soft drinks, spirits, and wine. 

Therefore, if you are out there in this line of business you do not want to miss out on this inaugural event for a greater experience.
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