Modern Healthcare Services Complemented with Hi-tech Infrastructure Strengthens Western Europe Teleradiology Services

Published By : 21 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Teleradiology is a vital component of telehealth services. Teleradiology involves transmission of radiology images electronically with the use of technology. It is used for emergency services or for second opinion, wherein radiology images are required to be transmitted between two or more locations. Teleradiology offers advantages of bridging the gap between the demand and supply of expert radiologists and diagnostic services. Teleradiology is particularly useful for distant areas that are far from full-fledged healthcare services, but are equipped with technological capabilities by means of the Internet. Earlier, image transmission was time consuming and the images transmitted lacked quality and clarity. However, with technological development, processing speed of teleradiology has increased leaps and bounds and image clarity is at par with printed images.

The healthcare services in Western Europe is modern, which is complemented with hi-tech infrastructure for medical care of which teleradiology is an essential component. Western Europe accounts for about 70-75% share of the overall Europe teleradiology market. Technological advancements such as PACS (picture archiving and communication system), cloud computing, and RIS (radiology information system) will lead to the higher utilization of teleradiology systems. Other than this, insufficiencies pertaining to the number of expert radiologists in other parts of Europe will open opportunities for teleradiology to fill the gap. The usability of teleradiology for emergency coverage, cost benefits, and rising number of imaging carried out for diagnostics will further propel its growth. 

However, the expansion of the teleradiology market in Western Europe is inhibited by certain restraints. This includes complex regulations for both service receivers and service providers to abide by, high initial set-up cost, and language limitations. 

The U.K. is the largest market for teleradiology in Western Europe and the region is expected to display double-digit growth in the future years as well. The widespread use of PACS and consistent advancement in digital image processing technology are reasons for this.

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