Mobile Ad Campaigns to Dominate Global Mobile Advertising Market

Published By : 21 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Overtaking television, the internet is expected to lead the global advertising market, thanks to the rising spending on the worldwide mobile market. The growing adoption of mobile advertising will see a downfall in the use of traditional advertising mediums such as television, radio, and newspaper. In the years to come, the ad-spend on mobile advertisements is expected to increase. By the end of 2016, mobile ads will surpass the desktop ads to be the most used medium by leading players in the global market.

Currently, leading social media giants are focusing on introducing new mobile applications to support their ad campaigns. Recently, Facebook was in the news for launching a new tool, Creative Hub, designed to test the range of and review various mobile advertising formats. Creative Hub is expected to enable creative ad makers to select the format in which they wish to deliver the ads. This mobile app also gives the luxury to the ad makers to select required space for Instagram and Facebook to post their ads.

Considering the accelerating growth of mobile engagement, leading players are planning to introduce many such new tools in the global market to engage more people with their creativity. The global mobile marketing market is being driven by the growing adoption of mobile devices for advertising various products and services. In-app ads, rich media, in-game, SMS, MMS, and display ads are some of the in-demand ads used while advertising a product or a service via mobiles.

The Future Prospect of Mobile Advertising

The future of mobile advertising is expected to be bright owing to the rising number of advertisers reaching their target market through mobile ads. The increasing use of smartphones is predicted to propel the global mobile advertising market in the near future. The number of smartphone users is the maximum in India and Brazil, making them the largest markets for mobile ads. Factors such as the increasing concerns of privacy, security, misuse of data, and deletion of data are the primary drivers of the global mobile advertising market.

Advertising campaigns have always been the main tool for the ad-makers to reach maximum customers. The growing use of smartphones to place the ad campaigns is anticipated to drive the global mobile advertising market in the near future. 

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