Mitsubishi Targets to Sell Over 1,000 Planes in Next Two Decades

Published By : 07 Feb 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp., a subsidy of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., has been building and testing its small regional jets in the past few years and have revealed an aspiration to sell more than a thousand planes over the course of next 20 years. Known as Mitsubishi Regional Jet or MRJ, the aircraft has already cleared the mid-point of the flight test program while clocking over 1,700 hours in the air. The aircraft is expected to have a capacity of less than 100 seats. The Mitsubishi Aircraft’s sales vice president has revealed that the company expects a quarter of the estimated demand to come from the emerging economies in Asia Pacific.

The president has revealed that their plane are maturing constantly and numerous potential customers have expressed their desires to buy one. China is expected to be the most lucrative market for the newly made planes.

It must be noted that this Mitsubishi project has suffered considerably via cost overruns and other delays, but no jolt was bigger than the setback when the U.S. canceled their order for 40 MRJs owing to the change in ownership of the company. The first delivery of MRJ, which is competing with the likes of Canada’s Bombardier Inc. and Brazil’s Embraer SA, is expected by the middle of the year 2020.

Despite the cancelation of the order from the U.S., the Japanese company still has 407 orders in hand, with All Nippon Airways from ANA Holdings Inc. expected to take the first delivery of the plane which will have a capacity of 92 people.

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