MIT Scientists Create VR-controlled Bot Tech

Published By : 03 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

MIT scientists, ever at the tip of the human scalpel of innovation, have created a robotic avatar that can be controlled through virtual reality technology. Robotic avatars that can be controlled remotely have been the subject of much study in the technological sector, and MIT’s CSAIL lab seems to have provided an excellent short-term solution to the problem.

Virtual reality technology is currently used mainly by the gaming and entertainment industry to make user’s experience more authentic. The researchers at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab paired a virtual reality headset with remote control robotics to enable robot vision for the user through the headset. The user sees a set of controls within the virtual ‘room’ created by the VR headset, through which they can control the action of the robotic equipment. A camera fitted inside the robot provides the user a direct and continuous feed of the environment surrounding the robot.

This technology provides a surprisingly low-tech solution to something other players have tried to get around in extremely complicated ways, such as developing a VR system triggered and controlled by the user’s thoughts. VR-operated robots could be a big deal in emergency services, where sending a robot out to perform dangerous and even more complicated actions could result in significant benefits for both the endangered and the rescuer. The VR headset even goes a long way in reducing the distractions the user faces, making it easier to control the robotic device. This represents a major boost to the complicacy of tasks that can be performed with the robots and their precision.

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