MilkAfric Dairy Construction Project Underway in Lobatse in Botswana, Large U.S. Dairy Farm Assisting Development

Published By : 13 Oct 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The construction of the lofty biosecurity entrance is nearing completion, road construction has been completed, and fencing the farm with a 21 km electric fence is underway.

It is predicted that boreholes will be drilled in order to curb water shortage issues that continue to afflict the southern states of the country.

During a recently held media tour, the Chief Executive Office at MilkAfric commented that the construction of administration and staff housing is yet to commence. The CEO further commented that on a recent visit to the United States accompanied by the leadership of the Lobatse Town Council, which was aimed to recognize the dairy production model in the U.S. that can be replicated in Lobatse.

The CEO further said, the visiting team appreciated the dairy production model in the United States to be replicated in Lobatse. He further added to have met Alliance Dairies, the partnering firm of MilkAfric. The next phase of construction will involve staff housing, grazing area, paddocks, administration block, and other facilities.

The project which is estimated as a multimillion pula project, has already employed 25 members on terms of permanent employment, will house more than 2,000 dairy cattle and will have a capacity of almost two million liters of milk every year. This will be the third largest milk production facility in Botswana. Howeve5r, the CEO commented despite the large size of the dairy farm it will not export milk to other countries.

As further commented by the CEO, the demand for milk is very high in Botswana that may not be met with the new dairy facility. At a later stage, export of milk may be added only after expanding production rate. Regarding the water and power and shortage crisis, the CEO commented that boreholes are yet to be drilled in the farm and they have also renewable energy measures for power needs

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