Milk Consumption Associated with Glutathione Levels in Human Brain

Published By : 07 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A team of researchers in the Medical Center of the University of Kansas has observed a certain correlation between the consumption of milk and levels of glutathione. Glutathione refers to an antioxidant that is found naturally within the brains of healthy old people. Several researchers and scientists from the areas of nutrition and dietetics came together to conduct this research study. 

Till now it was widely perceived that milk is good only for bone health, however these researchers explain that even brain health depends immensely on milk consumption. The research team conducted brain scans of 60 participants with different dietary plans. On comparison it was observed that those who had consumed milk recently on the regular basis had higher levels of glutathione as against those who did not consume milk. 

The researchers stated that glutathione is a strong antioxidant that keeps at bay the adverse effects of oxidative stress which results in damage because of the reactive chemical substances that get produced in the course of the metabolic processes that take place in the human brain. There is a certain connection between oxidative stress and various medical conditions and diseases such as Parkinsons’ and Alzheimer’s disease. 

An average American is recommended to consume about three servings of milk on a daily basis. And by following this regime, people will be able to ward off any chances of contracting the adverse impacts of oxidative stress caused due to insufficient consumption of milk. Researchers also state that by incorporating exercise and dietary changes any kind of oxidative stress can be kept at bay, and thus ensure good brain health. 
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