Microsoft Urges to Restrict Biasness for Facial Recognitions Technology

Published By : 24 Jan 2019 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The American based technology giant, Microsoft is coming up with the self-designed new ethical principal for its facial recognition technology by the month of March. As the company also urges the government to form stringent law and regulation to prevent biasness against the facial recognition technology.


The Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith also conveyed further that they are working to set examples in the technology sector and they are further working to implement this technology on ground level.


Microsoft to Bar Sales of Face Recognition AI to Law Administrations 

The company has further planned to build regulation and also built government regulation pertaining to the usage of this technology in line with the objective and principal. This will further set up control for the international sales and this regulation will also ensure that the Artificial Intelligence based facial recognition technology is not sold to the individual parties where there is risk associated for its excessive use.

There has been increasing concerns regarding the use of facial recognition software by the army, the border security, and security force owing to growing mass surveillance is further fueling demand. However, the experiments conducted on it reveals that the facial recognition technology works terribly and also get confused with the people who has dark skin complex. In addition to this, many researchers and defense organizations have been protesting against technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon for the similar concern.

Microsoft’s president also further stated that this protest is not going to affect the company image and the company will continue to offer this technology for the military assistance and also for the government use. The company just want to ensure that the technology should not be utilized without ideal solutions.

However, the company is planning to introduce facial recognition technology under certain frame work by March end.

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