Microsoft to Reveal New Features for Outlook for Android, Mac, and Windows

Published By : 02 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

An array of new features is likely to be uncovered by Microsoft for its Outlook desktop app, Outlook for iOS and Android apps, and its webmail service. The IT giant is expected to unveil these feature in this week only, the media reported. The new features for Outlook by the company are basically aimed at business customers, which was a specialized area for the conventional Outlook desktop applications for Windows and macOS. On Tuesday, The Verge reported that the company will be adding bill pay reminders to, which will appear as calendar items if the website recognizes a bill received in an email. Strikingly, this move is just after when Google started introducing an overhauled design for Gmail. Last week only, Google divulged a new Gmail design, providing a facelift to its free email service with a fresh look and a number of new features.

Microsoft is also including a better support system for the emails, which will enable the users to reply to even those emails, in which, they were blind carbon copied (bcc). Outlook for Android and iOS platforms are likely to get the revamping soon. “Microsoft Outlook for iOS will soon be supporting syncing draft emails, hence, making it simpler to compose an email on the phones of users and finish it on their PC. The draft syncing is already available on Outlook for Windows, Android, and Mac and is coming to Outlook for iOS in this month,” the report stated

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