Microsoft to launch Voice Control Assistance with Windows 10

Published By : 06 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Microsoft is all set to set t0 introduce its next edition of operating system, Windows 10. The software giant has said that it will bring its voice control assistance Cotana to computers with the new version of its operating system that powers billions of computers, mobile phones and other mobile device across the globe.

Microsoft has also said that it will launch a headset with the operating system that would help the operating system one day in projecting over views of the real world.

Additionally, Microsoft said that an upgrade to the new operating system will be absolutely free for those devices that are running on the earlier versions of Windows, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and for Windows-based phones.

The offer for free update will however be limited to the first year release of Windows 10. This move will help the company in aiding adoption on a large scale.

Such a move is a major change in Microsoft's policies of charging heavily for major product updates. It will also help the company avoid a relatively slower adoption that it saw during the launch of Windows 8.

A Microsoft analyst stated that the company was looking into newer ways to make its increase the adoption of its operating systems. Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest addition to its flagship of operating systems, observed very less adoption on a global platform. Even now, only about 10% computers across the globe run on Windows 8. Its adoption rate is also similar or even lower amongst companies.

It is being said that even developers across the globe are not paying much attention towards developing consumer apps for Windows operating systems, which could at least warrant mass market appeal for the operating systems. In fact, much of the industry’s energy is being currently invested into development of mobile apps for Android- and iOS-based tablets and mobile devices.
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