Microsoft Reportedly Working on ‘Andromeda’ Digital Journal

Published By : 27 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Microsoft is reported to be working on a new type of computing device, a foldable tablet harking back to the company’s concept of ‘Courier’, a digital journal whose lack of production ended up disappointing many tech industry watchers in 2010. Microsoft’s concept of Courier was of a digital journal that could be carried around just like a pocket notebook. With the advancement of Microsoft’s Windows Ink program in recent years, the new device, codenamed Andromeda, could open up a new vista of the tech world for the company.

Microsoft recently ended the Windows Phone, with the software unlikely to witness further upgrades over the coming years. This has left the tech giant lacking in terms of its reach in the smartphones and tablets market, which has become the commercially determinant component in the tech sector in recent years. Microsoft could thus be planning to use Andromeda to create a whole new division of the tech sector to steal a march on their rivals such as Google and Apple, which may have trounced Microsoft in the smartphone and tablet arena but lack any major efforts in the field of digital journals.           

Microsoft’s Windows Ink is likely to be a major feature of the journal device, with the pen input working through a notebook app connected to the popular note-taking app OneNote. Pages on the journal can be flipped in a similar way to real journals, while the device will also be able to run other Microsoft apps such as Edge and Photos. The success of Microsoft’s surface tablets has spurred rapid advancement of Andromeda, as Surface’s success in running Windows architecture has convinced developers it could also deliver an attractive experience in digital journals.

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