Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Windows Phone

Published By : 09 Oct 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Microsoft’s increasingly irrelevant smartphone OS, the Windows Phone 10, has finally been put out of its plight by tech giant Microsoft, who announced on Sunday that the company won’t devote any resources to developing new hardware or features for WP10. HP, Microsoft’s longstanding hardware collaborators, have also pulled the plug on their planned Windows Phone, shelving what would have been the company’s last-ditch attempt to reinvigorate the Windows Phone brand.

Despite the recent capitulation of Windows Phone against the growing might of iOS and Android, Microsoft has a long history of developing well-received mobile OS. The early years of the mobile world were dominated by Microsoft’s systems, starting with the Windows CE system developed for PDA’s in 1996, while Windows Mobile and Symbian systems later became the hallmark of several widely popular phones across the world in the early 2000s.

The launch of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone and iOS in 2007 changed the mobile phone market, making Windows increasingly redundant and old-fashioned. Despite early promise for the Lumia brand, Microsoft has failed to make the most of Windows Phone’s utility and turn it into a user-friendly and app-friendly package. The lack of a competent app ecosystem on Windows Store has been the biggest thorn for Microsoft, as low sales volume has led to falling interest in the OS from app developers.

Despite consistent efforts from Microsoft to improve the brand’s standing, the writing was on the wall. Joe Belfiore, head of the PC-Tablet-Phone division of Microsoft, reassured WP users on Twitter the company would continue to support the existing Windows Phone system with regular security updates.

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