Microsoft Planning to Sue Japanese Smartphone Maker Kyocera

Published By : 09 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Microsoft has decided to sue the Japanese electronics company Kyocera for allegations that the company’s Android based smartphones Brigadier, Duraforce, and Hydro have violated seven patents of Microsoft.

In the middle of a war between smartphone companies over patent violations by major competitors, Microsoft has repeatedly said that it considers licensing agreements with Android handset manufacturers makers more preferable than litigations. Along the way, Microsoft has also notched up several deals with many hardware makers, which include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Samsung Electronics and many other lesser known companies that are responsible for manufacturing most of the smartphones in the global market, such as Foxconn.

While Microsoft may prefer negotiating licensing agreements than litigations, Microsoft is not above using legal action. On this Friday, the company asked a court in Seattle for three Kyocera phones to be placed on injunction in the US sales. For it, the company claimed that the product lines and some other smartphones from the company are infringing Microsoft’s patents.

In a statement, Microsoft has stated that it respects the company Kyocera but the company believes that it needs to license the patented technology that it is using. It added that Microsoft feels that the case will be resolved amicably. The court documents regarding the case state that the patents that Microsoft is claiming cover a broad set of mobile technologies that Microsoft states are violated by these Android devices.

Licensing arrangements of Microsoft have become a profitable income source from the global smartphone industry that Microsoft has struggled gain a strong position in with its Windows Phone Operating System. In the year 2013, Microsoft had gained an estimated US$3.4 billion from such licensing agreements.
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