Microsoft Considers Cheaper Mobile Phones to Achieve Global Internet Growth

Published By : 24 Feb 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As the new CEO of Microsoft Corp Satya Nadella takes charge of the reins, he is accelerating the company’s push into the mobile software arena. To achieve this, the company is forging a partnership with various hardware and software manufacturers as well as Qualcomm in a bid to develop phones with a lighter price tag targeted especially at emerging markets.

The company said this week that it was working closely with Qualcomm to develop a phone design that would be low-cost. It also added partners such as the Lenovo Group to manufacture its Windows smartphones.

The company that follows Apple Inc. and Google Inc. is currently engaged in a strategy that will propel its Windows phone strategy further. By developing smartphones that are cheaper, Microsoft hopes it can give consumers in less developed and emerging economies to use the internet for the very first time. The promising internet market is currently attracting several market players such as Google that is venturing into emerging markets with its Android operating system.

As part of this strategy by Microsoft, the company is currently engaged in the design and development of the basic core of a smartphone with wireless chips and processors that will lay a foundation for developers to begin designing Windows phones especially for emerging markets. 

Simultaneously, Microsoft has suggested that this spring, the company plans to update its Windows 8.1 software as well as the software for Windows Phone.

As Satya Nadella took over from Steve Ballmer recently, Windows is moving closer to the completing the takeover of Nokia’s handset business that is valued at USD 7.2 billion. The new CEO is laying stress on steering the company’s growth through mobile devices in a bid to reach more people.
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