Microsoft Adapts to Tough Competition with Smart Applications

Published By : 23 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Microsoft has suddenly taken up the challenge of revamping its operating system for phones seriously, with makes applications that run on both iOS and Android systems. After Microsoft went through a US$7 million deal to Nokia to see its business sink further and faster, it is now doing everything it can under Satya Nadella’s leadership to turn this loss into a greatest feat.

Microsoft ardently wishes to have its operating system on most of the phones, but smartphone developers are still focusing on making applications for Android and Apple handsets, which is leading to a greater drop in sale of Windows handsets. 

About a year ago when Satya Nadella took office he stated that the company’s priority was “mobile-first, cloud-first world.” Ever since that statement the company has launched several services on competing operating systems. 

In the past few months, Microsoft has released mobile versions of its Office applications, OneDrive, a substitute service to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other such cloud storage services. If that’s not all, the company has also launched Outlook for iPhone and Android. This Outlook application bears a stark resemblance to the computer version of the software, but only in its name. This application has been carefully created to meet the needs on for smartphone users.

However, the Outlook for smartphones is rebranding of Acompli. This application was first created by some start-up which Microsoft bought in December for US$200 million. It sure is a move is definitely a smart one as its competitors such as Facebook and Google to are cashing in on its acquisitions. 
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