Mexican Masculinity Re-defined with New Mexican Beer by Elmwood

Published By : 30 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tecate found the need to engage with millions of its customers ever since its presence on the market in 1944. Tecate seeks the need to engage with the younger generation of drinkers with raving attitudes.

Elmwood, a design consultancy has redesigned Tecate to suit the consumer’s choice. It doles out to be Heineken’s biggest Mexican beer brand in the world. Elmwood commented that it captured the strategic essence, insight, and cultural momentum while engaging with the crowd. It has discovered the brand’s new viewpoint that happens to be: ‘NOW. Create the moment’.

The symbol given to Tecate was the Tecate Eagle that happens to be the heart of the brand. Through this naïve yet loving name, the brand was crafted with a facelift altogether. 

Tecate is different and offbeat due to its whim and Mexican character that makes it unique in the market. Elmwood pumped Tecate’s ‘T’ with emblazoned chest and broadened shoulders and boldly placed it on the modernized word marque.  

The physical relation between the word marque and the Eagle gives an impression of single-mindedness. This brand lacked this characteristic previously. During the development phase, three new ‘Spirit Eagles’ were created to consciously and interestingly bring to life the distinct personalities of the variants.  

This drink is introduced as the first matte finish drink in the Heineken Mexico portfolio of drinks. It is a revolutionary drink that wittingly sets the brand apart from its competition and highlights the refreshment and quality appeal in it. 

The global provocation director at Elmwood, Greg Taylor said: “Establishing Tecate’s presence in the mindset of people was necessary as much as it was authentic and demanded respect. Tecate is a popular Mexican brand that captures the hearts of many people. The unique process of this drink combined with forward facing research and Biomotive Triggers makes it authentic for a story across the globe.”   
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