Medical Software Sector Remains Vulnerable to Cyberattack

Published By : 20 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After facing mild troubles in using a few transcription services, many medical software were suddenly hit by a debilitating computer attack less than a month ago, which has ceased many doctors from using several important medical apps such as eScription, a billing and quality tracking software. The threat called Petya has obstructed many healthcare industries from accessing their digital record. The outbreak of many computer viruses by hackers to encrypt industries’ information systems and force the industries to pay a ransom to unlock their data, has quickly emerged as a serious threat. Many medical companies are experiencing significant downfall in the sales price after the beginning of Petya attack. Such industries and companies are advised to increase their cyber security for further protection.

Medical Companies Struggling to Gain Enhanced Cyber Security

According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a system of 3,600 doctors and 25 hospitals have reported that the transcription services are still under threat with no estimated period of resolving. These rapidly spreading viruses have restricted many medical companies and workstations from using the computers and are even capable to infecting all the systems inside an hour.

This malware attack clearly indicates a bigger risk even to the customers who are using the affected products. To prevent this threat, companies are resorting to enhanced security, trying to fixing their affected system, and bringing their loyal customers back. The companies are trying harder to provide customers the right information and quality patient care by offering them an alternate solution. The industries are pursuing safest systems in terms of usage, putting increased efforts to gain the revenue back, and focusing on maintaining their customers in the aftermath of the attack.

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