Medical Marijuana to be allowed in New York

Published By : 08 Jul 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Andrew Cuomo on Monday stated that he has signed a legislation which will make New York the twenty-third state to permit medical marijuana. However, calling his approach he said it forbids smoking of this drug and includes strict limits which are the smartest move any state has undertaken so far.

Access to the medical marijuana drug will be limited only to patients who have serious and/or terminal illness. The drug will be administered by vaporizing, edibles, and oils. The governor however, reserves the right to disband the program any time.

According to Cuomo, this new law is an important step which will bring relief to patients who are suffering from extraordinary illness or pain. He was flanked by lawmakers and a 9 year old child who suffers from seizures during this news conference.

The democratic governor further stated that this law will allow to receive the best medical marijuana has to offer in the most controlled, protected way possible. He also said that it was the smartest approach any state has taken so far.

Many other states in the U.S. have approved far more indulgent laws. Colorado and Washington state have decriminalized recreational use of this drug in the year 2012. However, in other states patients are allowed to grow their own marijuana or obtain it from a dispensary.

This signing in New York came after many years of advocacy by medical marijuana proponents. Advocates stated that it was not as comprehensive as patients have hoped it to be and the timeline was quite slow.
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