Materials are Heated by Lasers to Temperatures Hotter than the Sun, Fusion Energy may be Achieved in Future

Published By : 16 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Lasers are capable of heating materials to extreme temperatures that are said to be even hotter than the sun’s center, as per scientists. In Imperial College London, theoretical physicists suggest that that this type of a heating mechanism is capable of heating materials to upto 10 million degrees in less time than a millionth of a sec wherein the sun’s ability for the production of clean energy is duplicated. Lasers have been already utilized for heating materials for fusion energy research, but the new method being introduce will work faster upto 100 times.  From the Department of Physics at the Imperial University, the author Mark Sherlock stated that there are two types of ions that act similar to a box or matches and a collection of matches would never light up on their own, friction is required by striking these matches against the matchbox.

In the present methods, the lasers’ energy will be conducting the slow heating up process of electrons on the applied object for heating up the ions. Scientists have discovered that when a great-intensity laser is targeted on a specific material, it develops an electrostatic shockwave for heating the ions directly, without the requirement of hitting the electrons firstly. Electrostatic shockwave force the ions away from them with no heating required. 

Advanced computer modeling permitted the researchers in determining ions of special combination causing friction while they move for heating themselves. This method would be extremely suitable in 2 ion type materials, including plastics. If this methods is demonstrated successfully physically, then it would emerge as the swiftest heating rate established by science for a large number of particles. It has been suggested that the proposed technique can be explored at numerous laser facilities worldwide and the material will be heated at a great density.

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