Manufacturing in Apple’s Cork Continues, Propelled by Technological Advances and Innovation

Published By : 01 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Visiting an Apple owned manufacturing facility can be a bewildering experience even for the leading industry experts. The most common site that you notice is a human working in collaboration with machine to build the most innovative products which is destined to be available for purchase around the world. Europe, although is one of the most lucrative markets for Apple products.    

This is the most common experience that you can have if you ever get a chance to visit the iMac manufacturing facility located in Hollyhill. This is the place where you can come across the original Apple Cork species which was unveiled by Steve Jobs almost 30 years ago. The company and industry giants has maintained the facility through thick and thin and over time. 

Senior Director of the manufacturing department Paul Coburn said, with time Apple has evolved and it was most evident in the transformation that the supply chain that the other Apple units went through. However, the company made it a point to preserve the Cork facility, which as of today the only manufacturing unit in the world that is owned by Apple. 

The facility has a great heritage, when Apple transformed its facility and realms to outsourcing manufacturing, the top bosses of the company thought that withdrawing from the manufacturing Cork could actually entail high risk, as told by Paul Coburn, hence the decided of maintaining the unit instead through the thick and thin of time. 

Not many would expect that the facility could endure the test of time, however, not only the facility has sustained its operations over the years but it has also flourished in the past decade. The company however, shares the credit of the sustainable growth of the facility to the employees and staffs of the unit, who are mostly locals. The knowledge of the employees has grown and it is continuing to surpass the new products introduced in the market, which is why the facility is running strong even today. 
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