Lucrative China Market on Valve’s Radar

Published By : 12 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Valve, an American video game developer, is about to launch its game platform called Steam in China. This is line with its aggressive expansion strategy. Expanding into China market would enable it to acquire a sizeable proportion of the gamers in the world.

As per a statement released by Valve, it would work with local partner Perfect World. It has collaborated with it earlier too to rollout big ticket games, namely Counter-Strike and Dota 2. Based out of Shanghai, Perfect World is expected to take care of the local promotions, distributions, and selection of games.

However, the tentative date for Steam China to go live has been announced so far.

Launch of Gaming Platform Steam Would Help it Grow Revenue

The move is a carefully planned one. It would provide Valve the golden opportunity to tap into the lucrative market for games in China. It is predicted that the market would surpass that of Germany, Japan, and the UK in the near term by rising at a breakneck speed vis-à-vis revenue generation.

But one major worry for Valve is the uncertainty surrounding pertaining to access to the market in China. A part of the service of Valve was blocked last year in the month of December in China. While it’s still not very clear why it was blocked to a degree, Valve realized working with a local partner can help ease some of that worry. It expects Perfect World to manage the censorship demands of the government.

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