Low Cost Plays a Key Role in Sale of Local Beers

Published By : 15 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the U.S., some of the local beer brands are regional favourites owing to their cost. For example, Lone Star in Texas, Old Style in Greater Chicago, and National Bohemian across the Maryland, and Rainier. Though all of these beer brands have been acquired by the Pabst Brewing Company, they have particularly remained as favourites across their home regions owing to tradition, their exclusive sale across those regions, and price. So much is the affection that the fans of Chicago Cubs were outraged when Wrigley Field considered stopping serving Old Style.  

Rainier’s New Counterpart is high on Price

Low cost is one of the key reasons for the love towards these regional crafted beer brands. The low price of these beers adds up to their blue-collar appeal. Currently, these regional brands are introducing new beers and crafted beers. For example, Rainier has introduced Pale Mountain Ale, the brand’s first new beer in 20 years and has priced it at US$11.99 for six cans or bottles. Regular Rainier is available for US$5.99 per 6 pack. This increase in the price of the newly launched beer has taken old Rainier drinkers by surprise and has questioned whether the taste of the brew justifies its high price.

According to experts, the new counterpart of Rainier is not on par with the locally crafted pale ales. Also, the price of Pale Mountain Ale might restrain loyal Rainier drinkers as several smaller breweries make high-quality beer at competitive prices. For example, Pale Mountain Ale will face stiff competition from Fremont, Georgetown, Stoup, or Reuben’s. The “Made in Washington” factor has also not significantly increased the appeal of the new beer owing to its price.

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