L'Oréal Develops Nail-patchable UV Sensor to Measure Exposure to Sun Radiation

Published By : 16 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Wearable are the future, feeding information on how our body is performing on a run-time basis. On the other hand, one of the current trends in the cosmetics industry is to protect against the harmful radiations emitted by the sun. UV protective sunglasses and lotions are already selling like hot cakes.

These two opportunities have been harnessed by L'Oréal, whose researchers have come up with UV sensors that can be patched on a fingernail and volumes of information can be extracted. The revelation was made at the CES 2018 in the city of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA, and the product is expected to be available for consumers by 2019.

The development comes from the laboratories of Roche-Posay brand, which functions under L'Oréal. The device is as small as nine millimeters in diameter and merely two millimeters in thickness. Once placed on the nail of the thumb, the wearable can detect and notify regarding the exposure to UV rays. The data gathered can be stored for up to three months in order to provide trends on a consumer’s daily life and vulnerability to harmful radiations, which can then be avoided.

Thanks to the near field communication (NFC) technology, the wireless device can connect with the company’s app, which will be available in both iOS and Android. This device is a result of an extension to the findings of L'Oréal in association with MC10 Inc., who themselves are a well-known name in the market for wearable technology. Professor John Rogersy from the Northwestern University has also been a part of the research. 

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