London Based Startup Company Utilizes AI Technology to Boost Growth

Published By : 22 Jan 2019 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The planning and production is one of the important task implemented by the multinational company and yet it majorly depends on the human decision. To break this monotony, the London based startup company Flexciton are utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for the decision-making process and it also finds a solution for the players. This further helps in making the process 30x faster. 

The company has also upraised £2.5 million in funding in a round led by Venture Capital. The funding is obtained through joint capital and capitalist first.  

The Flexciton is utilizing this technology to optimize the way the manufacturers schedule and plan multi-task method of productions and this is one of the crucial task performed by the other manufacturers on daily basis. As per startup, the scheduling and planning for the next few days is a very important task and this has huge impact on the overall production, if the planning is prescheduled the company may gain profit. On the other hand, if the planning is worse its will have a great negative impact. 

Flexciton’ s AI technology Studies Data to Execute Final Plan 

As per the company, the manufacturers majorly schedule their production plans manually on the basis of their past experience, as there is a huge difference between the ok plan and the accurate plan, as the wrong decision by the company may hamper its overall growth. Moreover, finding accurate measures is one of the crucial task which still exists in the traditional production process. 

The Flexciton’s AI technology helps in evaluating the company’s data and also understand how the company operates and this enables the technology to study how the factory functions. Apart from this, it also provides tremendous options for the company and also helps in finding the accurate and efficient planning for the production.upport this initiative, the company has hired the number of experts in the department of AI and optimization section.

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