Listeria Risk: Hummus Recalled from Target, Walmart, HEB in US, Canada

Published By : 23 Jun 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Three different brands of hummus with toppings of pine nut are being recalled in Canada and the US owing to potential Listeria contamination. Among those recalled is Walmart’s brand Marketside. The listeria pathogen was identified by supplier Hudson Valley Farms Inc.’s production facility.

As per the recall notice posted on the website of the Food and Drug Administration, the first to recall the hummus was Knoxville, Tennessee-based House of Thaller after it was notified of the problem by Hudson Valley Farms itself. These products were distributed to retailers such as Target and HEB. House of Thaller distributed the Lantana, Marketside, and Fresh Foods Market brands of hummus to a number of grocery retailers – including Giant Eagle and Walmart – between April and June in the US and on April 20 in Canada.

As of now, there have been no reports in relation to the recalled hummus products. This is also true in connection with other products such as protein bars, granola bars, and trail mix with organic dates, which were also sourced from Hudson Valley Farms.

FDA Working with Hudson Valley Foods to Contain the Situation

A spokesperson with the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that operations at Hudson Valley Farms have ceased and will not begin without intimation to the FDA. The FDA spokesperson added that they are working with Hudson Valley Foods to aid the smooth and complete recall of the products and to ensure that the potentially contaminated food has been removed from the marketplace. In addition to this, the company is working to identify the source of contamination and to come up with corrective measures to settle the issue.

 The recall notice for the pine nut hummus stated that the roasted pine nuts used as garnishing for certain varieties of hummus were supplied by HVF Inc. Routine sampling revealed the Listeria Monocytogene findings. On the heels of these findings, HVF Inc. is facilitating a recall for all the products that were made in their facility at the time of the reported contamination.

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