LG Launches Q6 Series: Know More about It

Published By : 11 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Korean electronics giant LG has announced a new product line – titled Q – with the launch of the Q6, the Q6+, and the Q6a. The midrange devices represent a key milestone for LG, as the company attempts to maximize its earnings from the midrange sector following the popularity of its premium G series. Many of the most praised features of the G series have been incorporated into the Q series in order to make the models attractive to young users looking to obtain premium specs at pocket-friendly prices.

FullVision Display

With reducing the bezel around the screens becoming a hot topic for smartphone manufacturers across the world, LG has been quick to incorporate the popular feature in its midrange product line and offers a FullVision display identical to the G6 on the Q6 series. The 5.5-inch screen provides a highly satisfying 18:9 aspect ratio, which should make video viewing on the LG Q6 immensely enjoyable.

Metal Body

Regardless of the technological wonderland underneath, LG’s phones have always been renowned for their sturdy build quality. The Q6 series presents no exception, and is made from aerospace-grade 7000 series aluminum. LG’s intensive physical testing protocols – more exacting than standard international protocols – also make the Q6 line likely to deliver on the high expectations in terms of build quality. The design of the models is also ergonomic thanks to the extensive research carried out during the production of the G6, and presents smooth curves and no camera bump, making it easier to hold and use with one hand.

100-degree Selfie Camera

True to its reputation for consistently delivering high-quality optics, the LG Q6 features a wide-angle selfie camera that will allow larger groups to fit into the frame. The 100-degree lens also makes use of LG’s FullVision display to deliver superb camera performance.

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