Lechal Shoes - a navigator for visually impaired

Published By : 23 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of IIT K, Techkriti – 2015 witnessed an innovative pair of footwear which was made to aid visually impaired for navigating. The footwear named as ‘Lechal’ which means take me along in Hindi language was the showstopper of the event. The sneakers are equipped with a GPS system which will help them in navigating ways.

After wearing the shoes they vibrate to give directions. This footwear can also be used by those who can see as the shoes use Google maps for navigation. So a person who has visibility can go to unknown place or travel to different city wearing those and get directed by the shoes. The red fiery color shoes also have a technology in it which can keep a count of number of steps taken and the distance that has been traveled. 
The one who will wear this footwear will need a smart phone through which the shoes can be connected. The smart phone and the Lechal shoes will be connected through Bluetooth. The technology is embedded in the insoles of the shoes so one can also buy the insoles and not the whole pair of shoes. After the information is fed in the smartphone app, the shoes or the insoles in that case, will not allow the user to go in a wrong direction. It will vibrate if the user takes a wrong turn or a route as a mark of indication.

Gaurav Duggal, design engineer at Ducere Technologies informed that the first pre-order for Lechal will be given in the month of May this year. He also informed that for the global market, Lechal will bear a cost US$150; however, for the Indian market, the price will be quite lower.
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