Leading Names in Telecom Industry Gears up for 5G

Published By : 03 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

After running short of dramatically designed smartphones, the telecom leaders across the world agreed that they are eyeing 5G or fifth generation of networks, the next big idea, as inspiration for their future smartphone designs. But before spearheading their plans, the world telecom leaders will have to understand that what 5G has in store that the fourth generation of networks will never offer. According to recent reports, the telecom industry is hoping that 5G network services will be up and running by 2020. 

With reference to the buzz created around 5G network, researchers at GSMA said that it is still ambiguous that what opportunities or weaknesses will the latest telecom network have in store for the global industry to address. This view presented by researchers at GSMA, the global trade group of mobile network operators, however, went against some of the prophetic claims for fifth generation network. 

Commenting on fifth generation network, mobile operators claimed that there is no need for industries to incur heavy expenditure on procuring the new network gear or force mobile users to upgrade their phone to make them compatible with the latest network offering until and unless the new generation does not deliver radical improvements in function and speed it delivers. With ongoing discussions on setting the technical standards for 5G, the final standard is expected to be registered not before 2019, as said by experts. 

However, such findings and observation did not deter telecom provider such as China’s Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent of France and dozens of other newer players in the industry from touting their projects as compatible to support the latest 5G technology. According to the findings of industry experts, the first commercial deployment of the fifth generation network will happen in the countdown to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. 
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