Le Mans Racer Upgraded: Audi’s New Racer will be Even more Advanced this Year

Published By : 25 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The month of May could become the pinnacle of motorsports; however, endurance racing is still somewhere all the cool stuff happens. Running flat out in a race like the Le Mans twenty-four hours demands the extreme most level of skills and engineering. It also calls for a premium on efficiency as the time spent in the pits are refueling and this time is not wasted on the track. To this end, hybrids have done exceptionally well, however Audi is still consistently at the top of the pack.

The latest release of car of Audi will be able to produce twice as much as electrical power each lap than the previous years. It will also be available to produce power up to four mega joules. This car utilizes a storage system of flywheel energy. This system stores energy which is lost as heat at the time of braking. Another feature is that the driver can deploy this energy upon acceleration and thus add around 272 horse power.

This sends electric power to the front wheel and augments the power of the diesel engine featuring 4.0-liter v6 turbocharged and fuel economy. This is quite crucial since WEC rule need Audi to utilize around 2.5 per cent less diesel fuel each lap than previous year since it has increased hybrid output.

Some more enhancements have come from the revised aerodynamics. The main body called a monocoque is still largely the same. However, Audi has vamped the aerodynamic efficient to suppress drag and drive the cooling of the vehicle. The redesigned air inlets have given a new look for the cars amazing headlights and these lights use lasers which further improve the visibility during the night time.
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