Lawyer from LOreal Advocates Push for Patent only for Greed

Published By : 22 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A former lawyer from the Parisian cosmetic giant L’Oreal, who was fired in December, reveals that he was fired as he refused to make filing for dubious inventions. The company insisted him to do so to complete the quota for the year. L’Oreal says it is going to fight back the allegations.

The former lawyer from L’Oreal, Steven Trzaska revealed that the company ordered him to apply for 40 patents that would fill the global companywide quota for 500 applications. As per the lawsuit, the company wanted to post, “patent pending” on the packaging of the cosmetics that would increase allure for consumers for the product.

Trzaska was the head of the team that reviewed work of researchers at L’Oreal and then designed into patent applications. The lawyer further added, he and his team were afraid of submitting certain applications on account of playing foul to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which were on the spree to crackdown patent acceptance. 
In 2013, L’Orael received 143 patents in the U.S., positioning it at 205 among the top 300 patent recipients, as per the Intellectual Property Owners Association. The review process of applications for patent normally takes two to three years.

Although the Paris based cosmetic giant declined to comment on the specifications of the lawsuit, the company strongly negated the allegations and intends to defend itself aggressively. The company spokesperson further added of the proud ownership of more than 35,000 patents that the company has received worldwide. 
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