Latest Ideas in the World of Smart Locks

Published By : 25 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Commonly known as smart locks, electromechanical locks are the ones that lock and unlock using mechanisms that are different than the conventional key or numbered mechanical locks. The sky could be the limit when software is integrated into locks and home security. One of the earliest digital lock systems used digital number pads. Then came the hugely popular fingerprint scanners. They provided a high level of security as fingerprints are not easy to replicate. They are still one of the most common electromechanical lock systems used in a large number of industries as well as commercial and residential sectors. But a smart lock that opens merely at the owner’s arrival? Or a smart lock that tells the owner that someone is trying to tamper with it? Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, cloud computing, Wi-Fi systems and other modes of electronic communication, it is all possible.

Making Smart Locks Cheaper
One of the bigger challenges of getting electromechanical lock devices and services into the residential and small commercial sectors is cost. Earlier digital systems were too expensive for homeowners and small business owners. That started changing when smart lock companies started to incorporate strategies such as mass production, usage of effective yet cheap materials, and the usage of low-cost technology. A key aspect of an automated home is wireless connectivity. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for all aspects of an automated home is too expensive owing to the higher level of technology involved. The other options are ZigBee or Z-Wave, small area wireless communication protocols that allow a complex communication methods while still keeping it in budget.

Smart Locks Get Smarter
August, a smart lock start-up is out to release the original Smart Lock, V 2.0. It is a smart lock that lets users sync it with the Apple HomeKit and can also provide Wi-Fi connectivity for faster signals. Kwikset Kevo is another marvel that uses the super cool “tap to unlock” mechanism, which is a great relief to owners who are not good with keys. Other smart locks are created in a way that they can be easily installed around a homeowner’s conventional deadbolts. These locks can provide multi-layered connectivity and a stronger level of security for all users.

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