Latest Engine from Honda Receives Approval from FAA

Published By : 18 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The latest engine from HondaJet featuring a unique design is all set to make a statement in the skies.

However, this sleek sports car of a plane as Honda likes to refer it will go nowhere with the support of a powerful jet engine. The sister organization Honda Aero established in 2014 is building these engines in a pristine factory based in Burlington. This company is under the oversight of the organization Federal Aviation Administration. But, on Tuesday the company has celebrated its independence.

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a permit earlier this month which allows Honda Aero to create engines without close supervision and deliver them to Honda Aircraft and finally to other firms.

This recent announcement was a milestone for the firm Honda as well as for the entire aviation industry. This engine is the first new engine from the factory that the FAA has granted approval in 23 years. This marks Honda Aero as the sixth engine maker in the US.

The Honda Aero Company’s President Izumi at a ceremony hoisted the approval letter before the company’s employees and reporters along with the manger from FAA sector of manufacturing in Atlanta.

The group Benson is continuously inspecting and auditing a host to engine components and approving the one that meets its standard. However, it is very rare that a new type of engine receives approval. The concept for a Honda jet engine started in 1960s while the company was in its motorbike phase. As the company’s cars started becoming best selling products worldwide the company began R&D for aircraft in 1986.
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