Laser Sealing Eye Blood Vessels to Save Central Vision

Published By : 27 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The firm Nordic Semiconductor recently announced that the contract design company called Ginshell/Hangzhou Technology from China is using their Nordic nRF51822 Systems on Chip or SoCs. This technology provides the Bluetooth Smart synchronization wirelessly to smart phones and other portable handheld devices in what the firm Ginshell claims to be the first activity monitor platform. This platform will be automatically detected the time when users fall asleep.

The smart watch factor bong X along bong XX are expected to be able to differentiate between the eleven activity states and rest states. These include: running, warming up, walking, resting, normal activity, and swimming, sports activity, fast walking, cycling, and being in traffic. This technology is expected to deliver greater measurement in terms of accuracy and thus provide greater motivational impact for users.

Each of the bongs X and XX tend to weigh around 15 grams and feature an IP67 rated waterproofing. Also, they have a touch sensitive 126 light emitting diode matrix color display which can demonstrate the time of the day, battery status, message alerts, etc. At present, there are total seven interactive controls which include sliders and button on the machine. These can be used by users to interact with the watch directly, thus reducing the need for users to access their smart phones.

According to Sun Dapeng, the R&D department head at Ginshell the Nordic technology worked flawlessly along with their distribution partners and delivered them with excellent technical documentation and support this includes being able to extract a wealth of technical resource from within the firms that aided in solving any problems they faced.
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