Lack of Time Pushes Global Pet Care Services Market towards Progress

Published By : 17 Jun 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Increasing pet adoption has the most important component of the global animal care services market. This market caters to a consumer base that is seeking services such as pet training, day care, boarding services, pet supplies,  grooming services, specialized food supplies, and waste removal services. Grooming services comprises styling of hair, hair trimming, nail trimming, oil massages, paw treatments, aroma therapy rinses, de-shedding, and ear cleaning amongst others. Business owners are adding value to their services by including luxury shampoos and designer accessories in their portfolio. As a lot of pet owners do not have the time to groom their pets, this segment is witnessing a massive growth.

Rising Travel Commitments to Boarding Segment of Overall Market
Travel has become an indispensable part of professional and person lives, adding enriching experience to living. However, travelers know the drawbacks of juggling between owning a pet and full filling travel commitments. As the decision is an exceptionally tough one, pet owners are realizing the importance of pet day care centers or hostels. These boarding services include looking after pets, feeding them, and taking them out for walks while the pet owners are away. The increasing consumer awareness and rising travel bookings indicate that the boarding services segment will rise in the coming years.

Increasing Pet Ownership to Shape Market Growth
A research indicates that the animal care services market did not witness a decline despite the recession in the past few years. Furthermore, the spending on pet care services has also remained steady in the recent past. The American Pet Products Association states that pet ownership researched 164 million in 2012 as compared to 67 million in 1970. As this trend continues to look upwards, the global pet care services market will also climb up in terms of revenue figures.

In terms of regions Europe and North America are the biggest contributors to the global animal care services market due to a strong presence of pet owners. 

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