KT to Partner with China Mobile and DoCoMo to Showcase 5G in MWC

Published By : 24 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

KT has teamed up with the leading global technology companies to showcase the advantages that the fifth generation wireless technology is slated to bring along at the Mobile World Congress to be held at Barcelona in Spain. 

KT is already in talks with the chief technology officers of major companies such as China Mobile and NTT DoCoMO of Japan to discuss on what are the best ways to capitalize on the emerging technology collaboratively. In fact KT is also seeking partnership with these leading companies to pace up with latest standard in the Internet of Things. 

As said by Lee Sun-young, Spokeswoman representing KT, the company will be proactively seeking strategic partnership with leading global players to proceed with its key task that it intends to address at MWC. The company intends to emerge as the frontrunner as the major companies of the world participates in the high-octave race for 5G wireless technology since projected initiated by the company already has amassed the support of leading global telecom companies. 

The future of wireless technology lies with 5G, however 5G phones are not expected to be available in the market until 2020. Officials reported that CTOs at KT, China Mobile, and NTT DoCoMo all are key members holding important positions in the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement (SCFA). The members are slated to have a meeting to launch collaborative trial tests examining the attributed of the 5G technology and to decide on the standard for 5G and Internet of Things. 

The members of the SCFA are also willing to launch joint marketing campaigns, if needed with KT as the leader of the initiative. Hwang Chang-gyu, Chairman and CEO of KT will deliver the keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress. 
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