Koreans Semiconductor Industries Leaping Ahead of the Japanese

Published By : 11 Sep 2012 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

With the advent of semiconductor technology, Japanese people engaged themselves passionately in the production of semiconductor devices thus acquiring majority of the market share until now. But the current scenarios in Korea are showing outputs which are quite optimized with effective management of the energy resources. The recent technical advancements observed in the Samsung devices explain it all. The Korean government has valued their employee’s hard work by bestowing them with bonus and appraisals supplemented with other benefits. The additional benefits have motivated the employees raising their productivity.  
With the development of innovative semiconductor circuits and their implementation in hi-tech gadgets especially by Samsung in its digital.SLR and DSLR cameras, LED TV, LCD TV and other electronic equipments is mainly fuelling the Korean markets. The establishment of the Hyundai automotive manufacturing plants across the globe with the consent and support of Korean government has helped the Korean markets to gain a majority of the market share. The implementation of the fluidic technology in the upcoming cars is supported with the semiconductor devices which is the main USP of the automotive sector in its class.

The Koreans have found an alternative to the raw materials such as silica which is used in the manufacturing of semiconductors. This has not only helped in the reduction of cost of manufacturing but also helped it in acquiring market share across the globe. Silica forms one of the major raw materials which acts as the crucial conducting material without which the production of semiconductor is somewhat impossible, however the rising prices and scarcity of silica in the markets have made the manufacturing of semiconductors a tedious job thereby increasing its cost of production. With the advent of alternative raw materials has somewhat loosened the pressure over the manufacturers.
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