Kombucha Tea Lovers May Have to Look for Their Favorite Beverage Elsewhere

Published By : 11 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Federal government is looking to include fermented drink into the category of alcoholic beverage. 

If the federal government implements the changes it wants, the drinkers of Kombucha tea, will now have to visit a liquor shop every time they wish to purchase their favorite beverage, as reported by an article on cnn.com. 

As of now, kombucha is not yet sold as an alcoholic beverage, and it is readily available in grocery and health stores. Moreover, these drinks are marked as health drinks. Kombucha is best explained as fermented tea, having a vinegary flavor. Also it is produced from a combination of bacteria and yeast, looking like a giant mushroom. 

Experts say that the origin of kombucha tea traces back to Asia, where it has been used since thousands of years. The beverage also has been a favorite of health food fans in Asia for many years. It is only in the recent past however, that the tea has become more mainstream and last year the industry reported almost US$600 mn in sales. 

The issue that government faces is that some of the bottled of kombucha were tested above the 0.5% alcohol content by volume, which is regarded as the allowable limit for a non-alcoholic beverage. A light beer contains eight times more alcohol content in comparison. 

Owner of High Country Kombucha, Ed Rothbauer is among the manufacturers who received letters from the bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade intimating him about the alcohol content in the drinks he manufacturers, also admitted that it is possible for the fermentation process to produce a small amount of alcohol in the beverages. 

The federal government has urged the makers of kombucha to devise ways of maintaining the alcohol level in the content below the specified 0.5 per cent consistently. Else, these companies will change the labelling of their products to an alcoholic beverage.

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