Kiwi Food Delivering Robots Taste Success at Berkeley Campus

Published By : 30 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Kiwi robots introduced by the Kiwi’s robotics team have been successfully operating in the U.C. Berkeley campus in current times. These robots have become a familiar sight to almost everyone who are working in the Berkeley Campus.

More Information about Kiwi’s Food Delivering Robot’s Presence in Berkeley

As per the co-founder and CEO of the company, Felipe Chavez Cortes, the company has fulfilled more than 10000 orders with its team of delivery robots. The robots were tested alongside pedestrians who were walking on sidewalks, and of course did showcase numerous issues and challenges. In last year’s December, San Francisco also banned delivery robots from operating on city streets, fueled by the fear that a robotic sidewalk might takeover.

The testing for the bots began at a short distance from Berkeley for the company, and this proximity proved to be a highly beneficial in the long run. The robots are small in size, and are do not claim sidewalk territories while being on the way to deliver food. Rather, Kiwi has designed them in such a way that the robots can interact with others walking on pavements and streets, and move accordingly. To maximize the efficiency, Kiwi uses several kinds of robots, and this size works for more than 80 percent of all orders.

The company has also implemented a modular approach, which is highly beneficial in the context of mass delivery. This approach deals with relying on multiple robots instead of just one, wherein the machines are designed to only cover the last 300 meters. This idea came to the company, after they realized how difficult it was for one robot to from the restaurant and back again to the customer’s house. This is mainly because of the inefficiency provided by the solo robot, especially in times when multiple orders came into picture.

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