Kids in England’s state schools should receive sex education at seven: Liberal Democrats

Published By : 27 Aug 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Liberal Democrats have states that all state schools should begin conducting lessons on relationships and sex to children from the age of seven. The plan will be included in the Lib Dem election manifesto. The “curriculum for life” class would include “age-appropriate” lessons on sex in order to prepare children for the real world.  It would also enable students to make informed decisions in their personal lives. The class will also include money management and citizenship. 

Presently, sex education is mandatory in all council-run secondary schools but not in free schools, state-funded education institutions or primary schools.

The move comes after an Ofsted report released last year severely criticized the level and quality of sex education in state-run schools. The results of a survey showed that a high proportion of teenagers were not satisfied with the sex education in school and a higher majority was found to have seen pornography on the internet.

David Laws, a Lib Dem schools minister, said that it was crucial for kids to learn life skills at an early age, which includes not just education on sex and relationships, but also financial literacy. The lessons are a part of an extensive area called personal, social and health education (PSHE). While the Liberal Democrats have been making constant efforts to update the quality of education taught in all schools, the Conservatives have been against the idea, stating that it was up to teachers and academicians to decide on such matters instead of politicians and bureaucrats.
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