Key Trends Shaping Global Food and Beverages Industry

Published By : 28 Dec 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The growth of the global food and beverages industry depends strongly on the preferences of consumers. These preferences of consumers vary from region to region, shaping the dynamics of these regional markets. Let us look at the top trends that are projected to shape the food and beverages market in the foreseeable future.

The demand for weight wellness products is on the rise. This demand has gained even more momentum in the past few years. The rising rate of obesity has fuelled the demand for these products. Hence, this demand will serve as a good growth opportunity for market players. Another trend that is driving the growth of the global food and beverages market is the rising demand for low-fat products. This trend is in line with the demand for weight wellness products.

With growing awareness, consumers are now demanding more good carbs containing foods. These complex carbs have led to a steady rise of good grains such as oatmeal and whole wheat. In addition to this, consumers are demanding for digestive wellness products, which is further adding to the demand for complex carbohydrates containing grains.

Consumers want more free-from products. Due to several health conditions and allergies, consumers are demanding products which are free from gluten, lactose, sugar, etc. This has led to many companies launching health products that are free from the aforesaid ingredients. The rising trend of snackification is providing significant opportunities for start ups. This trend has led to innovation without limits in the global food and beverages market. Other two key trends include rising demand for protein and naturally functional food.

This shows how the consumer preferences will continue to shape the global food and beverages market and provide good growth opportunities for companies operating in this industry. Players in the market by capitalizing on these opportunities can greatly improve their ROI. In addition to this, companies by leveraging preferences of consumers can greatly boost their revenue. For example, in the APAC region, the demand for convenience food is high and hence, players can introduce these foods in the APAC market. On the other hand, in Europe, the demand for fresh foods is rising. This means more growth opportunities for companies operating in this regional market.

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