Key Methods of Reducing Maintenance and Operations Costs of Wind Turbines

Published By : 14 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is absolutely vital to fully optimize the performance of the current and aging wind turbine plants to minimize their maintenance and operational costs. The dependability of turbines reduces with age and the difficulty in finding or the unavailability of the needed spare parts for older models can significantly hike the maintenance and operations cost. The most important challenge pertaining to old or aging wind turbines is the maintenance of the supply chain, which also comprises understanding the machine and the different components of older models of wind turbines. The optimal performance of aging wind turbines can be achieved by remote data analysis, upgrades, and retaining the quality of maintenance.

The global market for wind turbine operations and maintenance is driven by the fact that there is a constant need for maintenance of aging turbines. The wear and tear that occurs toward the end of a wind turbine’s life can be properly managed by leveraging on the remote diagnostics of the machines and by using a spare part. 

Upgrading Electrical Components Reduces Operations and Maintenance Costs

There are a number of different components of a wind turbine such as generator, blades, brakes, inverter, and tower, which need regular maintenance and after a particular period of time, the performance of the machine reduces. By upgrading the electrical components of a wind turbine, one can ensure that the machine is delivery optimal to high performance with a higher degree of reliability. Therefore, upgrading helps in bringing down the cost of regular maintenance. By installing remote monitoring systems, one can also reduce operational costs and improve the reliability of the wind turbine. 

Boosting Performance of Wind Turbines with the Use of Predictive Technologies 

Condition monitoring systems allow the forecast of component failure and is a key predictive technology that is often used to ensure the optimum performance of wind turbines and to bring down the cost of maintenance and operations. Oil particle counters and other sensors can help expand the capabilities of the various diagnostic systems used in wind turbines. 

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