Kenyan Government Looks to Expand Textile and Apparel Industry

Published By : 01 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Kenyan government has expressed its desire to develop the textile and apparel industry in the country. The government has urged some of the leading textile companies to establish centres in Kenya. 

Wilson Songa, industrialization principal secretary, stated that many textile firms had expressed their interest in setting up base in Kenya and as a result it had become essential for the Kenyan government to ready the country’s population in acquiring the necessary skills to absorb new job opportunities. Songa was speaking at a stakeholder validation of Export Processing Zones authority, machine operators curriculum and trainer’s manual, and national industrial training authority, in Nairobi.

With the aim of inculcating the requisite skills in the textile and apparel sector, the Export Processing Zones authority, together with the national industrial training authority has signed a deal that will validate the curriculum and trainer’s manual. This newly developed manual will help in creating the human capital needed to develop the sector, said industrialization principal secretary Songa.

Creating new employment opportunities in the country has been a long-standing feature of the EPZs. Only last year, the Export Processing Zones authority helped in creating 32,000 employment opportunities and also exported apparel and textile worth more than Ksh 27 billion. Most of the shipment was delivered to the U.S. market as part of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.

The industrialization road map has identified textiles as a key sector that will help the growth of the nation. The 22 textile firms that have been located in the EPZs have made a noteworthy contribution to the Kenyan economy.
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