Kencko Launches Sachet-Based Drinks with Pulp and Vitamins

Published By : 27 Aug 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Kencko, an early-stage startup is aiming to make a difference by making fruits and vegetables more accessible in the form of its sachet-based drinks. Kencko means ‘health’ in Japanese, and was founded by Tomás Froes. According to the founder, the end goal of the company is to help consumers reach the recommendation of five servings/portions of fruit a day. The company’s first offering is a fruit drink that can be made in just few minutes using just a sachet, water, and its mixer bottle.

More Information about Kencko’s Products

Wholly organic diets are daunting to most people, which is the main reason why Kencko decided to manufacture products that provide the same type of nutrients in an easier manner. Compared to other ‘instant’ mixer options, Kencko uses freeze-drying actions to turn fruit and vegetable mixes into powder without compromising on health. That process is similar to how NASA develops food for astronauts, wherein minerals, protein, vitamins and all other necessary nutrients are retained in the mixture. The company uses only organically grown fruits and vegetables, and the mixtures do not contain any sugar and additives. Each sachet is 20g and, when combined with water, users get to drink a 160g solution. Customers can choose from six different combinations, and each one is a mixture of six different fruits and vegetables.

The company also includes fruit pieces and seeds in its sachets, which is an added advantage that is not seen in health supplements manufactured by other companies. This gives the products a realistic feel, thereby appearing lucrative to customers. Moreover, Kencko is more affordable than its competitors, and carries a premium feel to its use. The packs are priced at US$29.90 for ten sachets, $74.50 for 30 sachets and $123.50 for 60 sachets. The startup offers a ‘Lifetime Founding Member’ package that gives 30 percent off on these prices for an initial charge.

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