KarmaKisses New Launch TeaNow Promises Many Benefits and Added Taste

Published By : 16 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

TeaNow® a new black green tea is to be launched by the Taiwan based natural foods and beverages company, KarmaKisses. The new tea delivers a solid rush of black green tea that has anti-aging and weight loss benefits. 

KarmaKisses was established in 1959 and its products are sold across the world in Asia, Europe, and America regions. The company believes in natural drinks and foods that are scientific and have natural ingredients. KarmaKisses is committed to making superior products that are family oriented and natural. The company’s products are made from natural organic ingredients, and plants. Green tea is known to be a healthy beverage with myriad benefits. Drinking green tea is said to improve brain function, burn fat, has antioxidants, and lowers risks of cancer and infections.

KarmaKisses new launch tea has five times the strength of similar other teas that compete in the market. TeaNow® can be drunk hot or cold and is reported to be as powerful as 5 to 8 cups of conventionally brewed green tea. The new tea is has a combination of white, black, oolong tea and other ingredients with strong antioxidant properties. KarmaKisses new offering is great in taste and can increase energy levels when drunk regularly.

Green tea is mostly consumed for its health benefits by most people though the taste is not preferred. According to the KarmaKisses team the new tea will be a delight even to those who don’t drink tea as a habit, due to its rich taste and flavor. Green tea has been a long time favorite among beverages in China and is considered as a “fountain of youth”. KarmaKisses is enthusiastic about introducing a full-bodied and flavorsome tea that consumers will love, and which includes multiple health benefits as well. TeaNow® is available to customers online and has been recommended by recent customers.
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