Just 251 US Hospitals Receive Highest Score on 5 Star Rating System

Published By : 16 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Only 251 hospitals in the United States received the top most score on the latest five star rating system that was rolled out by CMS on Thursday. 

The latest ratings are a part of a wider initiative devised by the federal agency to utilize a five star rating system across all the web pages that are aimed to help consumers in comparing the quality provided by health care workers. 

In fall last year, hospitals in the United States had the chance to take a look at the ratings and most of these hospitals have already expressed their disgruntled opinion. The methodology of arriving at the results was being questioned and many asked if the ratings given to them reflected “meaningful reflections of performance”. They also stated that trying to bring down the performance of a hospital to one single score may oversimplify the data that is most important to consumers.

On Thursday, just a little over 3,500 hospitals in the United States had the latest summary rating applied to their Hospital Compare pages. Based on a data review by Modern Healthcare, a total of 251 hospitals got the highest ranking of five stars, 1,205 got a ranking of four stars, 1,414 got a ranking of three stars, 582 received a ranking of two stars, and 101 hospitals got the least ranking of one star. 

The summary rating comprises an average of the performance of a hospital in each of the 11 measures that were publicly reported in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey. This HCAHPS survey assesses patients’ experiences at each of these facilities. 
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