Johnson Matthey and Anellotech in a Joint Alliance for Producing Special Catalysts

Published By : 05 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A new business agreement has been entered into by Johnson Matthey Process Technologies, a UK based entity, and US based Anellotech. The main rationale of this agreement is towards jointly developing advanced catalyst systems in order to manufacture aromatics that are bio-based. Anellotech will be incorporating the catalyst systems so developed in its process of catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP) for producing bio based toluene, paraxylene, and benzene for the global industry for chemicals. 

The firms will be collaborating on optimal catalyst technical development for the CFP process of Anellotech’s. It will also be supplying catalysts of high quality for using them for the development and the testing of the CFP process, and also for managing the eventual commercial implementations. Anellotech is engaged in developing new and innovative technologies for manufacturing green, bio-based, and low cost chemicals from non food based biomass. Whereas the UK based company is a supplier of licensed technologies, other services, and catalysts to gas, petrochemical, oil refining, and syngas processing industries. 

According to David Sudolsky, the CEO and president of Anellotech, this business collaboration with JMP Technologies signifies a significant advance in Anellotech’s program for providing a highly competitive bio based path to the basic chemicals that are aromatic in nature. The latest products manufactured by Anellotech which are green aromatics are considered to be “drop in” substitutes for petroleum based aromatics and these can basically be used in innumerable derivative applications. According to the division director of Johnson Matthey Process Technologies, the company is quite hopeful about the idea of co developing advanced catalysts systems for Anellotech’s CFP process.
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