Israeli Tech Water-Gen Visions to Relieve India of Water Shortage

Published By : 06 Jul 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

It is no secret that emerging countries such as India are still suffering from the shortage of elementary facilities such as water supply, which in some way or the other has been analyzed as an opportunity for technology players to leverage in order to outspread their presence in the market.

After Miami, Florida and Washington, Israeli company Water-Gen is all set for “bringing water to the world.” The firm has recently inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with India in collaboration with SUN Group in Tel Aviv. The proprietary technology is labeled as a humanitarian initiative to generate water for all societies still lacking potable and quality water supply in the 21st century.

Water-Gen Traps, Cleans, Dries Humid Air to Extract Unpolluted Water

Water-Gen based in Rishon LeZion and partners will be looking to suffice the demand for a potable water solution in government agencies, official institutions, and the military in India. However, the technology that economically extracts water from thin air has been expected to be a massive breakthrough for all of the country. The company claims its technology to be more affordable than its counterparts, considering the requirement of only 1 kW of energy to generate 1 gallon of water. Moreover, the heat exchanger of the device has been made from plastic instead of aluminum.

Interestingly, the signing of the memorandum has coincided with PM Narendra Modi’s business visit to Israel, and had taken place at a ‘Manufacturers Association of Israel’ event held on Tuesday. One of his delegation members is the vice chairman of partner company, the SUN Group.

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