Israel Provides Defense Data on Islamic State to Pentagon - Western Diplomat

Published By : 10 Sep 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

If a Western diplomat is to be believed, Israel has provided defense intelligence data against Islamic State in Iraq to U.S as a way to support U.S. led campaign against the terrorist group. 

Once the information is relieved of its tag of being Israeli in origin, the information has been shared often by Washington with its Turkish and Arab allies, adds the diplomat. 

Israel’s Defense Ministry has never clearly denied or confirmed its involvement in putting international efforts against the group of extremist Islamic militants.

Yaacov Havakook, spokesperson for Israel’s Defense Ministry has stated that the ministry would not like comment in regards to any such assistance, or in case there was any such assistance, in its fight against the ISIS (one of Islamic State’s former names). 

The execution of two U.S. journalists and the spread Syria and Iraq of this group have nudged Western countries to intervene.

In an attempt to repair its international ties damaged due to its policies against Palestinians and worried that the militant group could ultimately reach its borders, Israel has offered to help.

The Western diplomat has said that Israel has data collected by its spy satellites, of angles and frequencies out of reach of the U.S. satellites. It is this data that has been presumably provided to Pentagon, making its more effective in planning improved assessments regarding battle damage.

However, it is been said that the data would come with Hebrew and other markings cleared out, so as to avoid raising issues with Turk, Arab and even the Iranian forces who also look upon Islamic State as their rivals.
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