Is your HTC One M9 Giving Problems? Get your Phone Replaced Free of Charge

Published By : 20 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

If you have just cracked your screen or dropped your phone in the toilet, there is no problem in that. You can now buy HTC’s new One Smartphone known as HTC One M9. 

In the next month when the new phones will go on sale, HTC will act as a replacement. It will replace all the damaged phones free of cost during the regular 12-month warranty period. This offer stands tall on the current HTC Corp’s effort to replace the cracked screens for the initial six months. 

HTC is making great efforts to distinguish itself from Samsung, Apple and many other smaller Android phone makers based on this offer. However, despite nice reviews, the brand was not on Gartner’s or IDC’s lists in 2014. 

As the phone technology begins to rise, HTC is constantly turning to customer service for new and innovative ways, added the president of HTC Americas. HTC makers want their customers to feel comforted off their phones and not conceal in protective cases. The program will offer parents the peace of mind to handle phones to toddlers and still keep them entertained.  

HTC sees big opportunity in the future. The new model HTC One M9 is a metal design with polished finish. The screen remains 5 inches but the camera can now take shots at 20 megapixels with other leading Android phones. The phones are planning to go on sale in early April in the U.S. at prices to be announced soon. 

The Uh Oh Protection replacement program will start when the new phones go on sale. The availability will only be in the U.S. 

HTC will not charge any other fees or deductibles but will simply replace a phone just once. Moreover, customers have the option to call toll-free number to have their replacement phone shipped in 30 days and mail back the damaged phone. 

The customers who do not replace their phones will get $100 off on their next purchase with HTC. 

The offer does not cover for phone lost or stolen. Customers are required to need insurance through wireless carriers as insurance also could cover damage after HTC’s 12-month coverage period.    
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